Baby Doo Review and Giveaway

By now, everyone’s heard of Baby Doo, the multicultural, community-minded wrap company who’s blanketed every BWI chapter in the US with a donation. It was a smart move. Based on a Czech company, but run here in America, Baby Doo makes quality wraps of combed cotton, in a diamond weave, for the low price of $88 for a size 6. At that price point, they’re standing by their commitment to make babywearing accessible to as many caregivers as possible.

babydoosmileBut what about the carrier? So often, carriers at a low price point feel like they have a low price point. Baby Doo, on the other hand, stood up to wraps that cost fifty bucks more. Because of the weave, I expected it to feel like a Storch Leo, and I was surprised to find that wasn’t the case. After one wash, my Baby Doo felt soft enough to wrap up a newborn. This is a huge advantage when it comes to most budget wraps, who need serious breaking in.

Budget wraps also tend to be thin. Baby Doo is not. I’d characterize it as mildly blankety, at a medium weight of 240 gsm. It wraps true to weight. This is one of the few wraps on the market under $100 that comes in at a medium weight and a manageable handfeel.

How did it wrap? I wore Baby Doo the places I normally wear: Mass, Target, long hikes. Since it’s 95 degrees down here, I quickly found its dense weave overwhelming in the heat with a sweaty baby, and tried to stick to single-layer carries when I was on the trail. That meant a lot of ruck straps, and not a lot of fancy finishes. I primarily wrapped 20 lb Sunny, but put up 27 lb Baby Bear when he asked for it (once in a front carry – gah).

babydoocarryI found Baby Doo mildly grippy, so I had to work a little bit to place the passes. This seemed to be because it was almost fuzzy and velcro-ing on itself. It had a shoulder feel between cushy and solid – fairly neutral. I never had any digging, but I knew where my bra straps were at times. When I put 27 lb Baby Bear in a double hammock, I felt his weight on my shoulders – there was no magic memory foam cloud –  but it didn’t bother me. It had a touch of bounce, but not so much that I’d call it a bouncy wrap. All in all, I found Baby Doo fairly neutral, other than the grippiness.

The weave makes it low maintenance – no pulls and picks from this baby – and it stands out as one of the few diamond weave wraps to offer horizontal striping. That makes it far less boring than the neutral diamond weaves we’re used to seeing. This is a good wrap for a beginner who hopes to carry one wrap all the way through wearing. Experienced wrappers will appreciate the grip when practicing new carries, though. I was impressed at how well Baby Doo softened up with one wash, so I’d definitely recommend it for a newborn.

babydoonursingMy only complaints were that it had a garment finishing hem: two lines of stitching on the right side, and serging on the wrong side. This isn’t a complaint so much as a surprise, since it’s something I’ve never seen before. Baby Doo also only has middle markers on one side of the wrap, which I find endlessly annoying, and which can lead to stress on the wrap as you do a certain carry in a certain place over and over.

All in all, this is a steady wrap from a company committed to social justice and babywearing. That’s a big deal in my book.