BB-SLEN Rocks My World

bbslenstripeThe wrap company Babylonia used to be on the top of the heap. Back in the dark ages, when I started wrapping, my babywearing leader recommended BB-SLENs, and the company’s Turkish Delight colorway was fiendishly HTF and HSA. BB-SLEN was known as a quality economical wrap, good for babies from newborn to toddler. But with the proliferation of new wrap companies, BB-SLEN has fallen by the wayside. No one mentions them anymore as a great beginner wrap; no one sings the praises of their support.

This is a huge oversight.

Babylonia sent me a BB-SLEN in a pumpkin colorway to test out. They mailed a size 6.5, and I groaned: it wrapped like a size 4. I hate when companies send me 4’s because my lazy butt has to get creative with my carries. Rather than my standard double hammock, I’d have to branch out: I’d spend the week doing various rucks (tied tibetan and TIF), double hammocks TAS, Jordan’s Back Carry, and Kangaroo. I have a leg straightener, too. Damn it.

So I put off using it some, but took it on vacation with me as one of two usable wraps. The other was a thick size 6, and we were at the beach, in the South, in the summer. So BB-SLEN began to creep out. I used it to walk around town and go shopping. I wore it for quick ups in and out of restaurants; I wore it for long hikes in the heat. I even drug it down to the beach.

BB-SLEN didn’t hold up. Holy wrap gods, it shone.

bbslenBB-SLEN is thin – on the thin side of medium, I’d say, and I’ve groped a lot of wraps by this point. It’s perfect for hot weather. But don’t mistake me: the thinness doesn’t mean it makes pressure points or digs. Wrapping it feels lovely: get baby on my back, and slide the passes over each other, neither too slippery or too grippy. It tightens up wonderfully into a snug, moldable carry with medium bounce. I wore this regularly with my 25 lb baby with zero issues. I’d happily go up to 30 lbs or more with this wrap.

I never got pressure points, even with a sloppy ruck TIF, or with the knot on a double hammock TAS. The knot was normal-sized, neither too big nor especially small. The tapers were also standard.

This is really the perfect wrap from newborn to toddler. It’s breaking in super-soft, perfect for a newbie, and hefty enough to carry a toddler. The weave feels indestructable; I wouldn’t hesitate to use it hard and wash it with my regular clothes. I took this one to the beach and just shook it off afterwards. I wouldn’t do that with a lot of wraps.

bbslen2My only complaint? There’s only one middle marker, which makes it a pain to wear it opposite-side up. It’s important, especially in asymmetrical carries, to vary the way you put baby in the wrap, so you aren’t putting stress on the same parts of the wrap every single time for years. Two middle markers help mamas alternate.

This wrap surprised me. I found myself reaching for it all week and keeping the other wrap in my bedroom. It deserves a place as a standard recommendation wrap for newbies, and as an all-around wrap for experienced wrappers. I’m sad to be giving this wrap up. I’ll miss it – even in a size 4.

Babylonia USA and I are giving this wrap away to one of you! Check Manic Pixie Dream Mama for details!