BB Sling Review and Giveaway

bbsling2I’m a rebozo gal. I use a bowline knot, rather than the standard slipknot, and I prefer to pull the slack out of my shoulder rather than from the front of the baby. I also can never seem to get the rings in the correct corsage position with a ringsling – they always end up too damn low. So I figured I’d better learn when
Babylonia USA sent me a BB Sling to try out for a while.

When I’ve used ring slings, I’ve always used a Sleeping Baby or simple gathered shoulder, so the hotdog shoulder of the BB Sling threw me off at first. Where the SBP shoulder is gathered and sewn, the hotdog sling is folded straight before flaring out over the back. It’s less likely, in theory, to creep up your neck, since the gather on an SBP sling has to be placed precisely to stay all the way on the shoulder. After a lot of use, I found that I had to place the hotdog shoulder very carefully on the ball of my shoulder to make it comfortable. When you do that, it’s a great shoulder and super comfy.

Babylonia sent me a Turkish Delight colorway, which is one of my favorites and formerly HSA. It broke in quickly, with some stretch and bounce, but mostly super soft. I like this colorway in a wrap, and I liked it just as much in a ring sling.

bbsling1We used this carrier a lot for quick ups and downs, mostly at the farmer’s market, and a few longterm Target runs. I loved it for quickies with my 20 lb not-so-squishy, almost two-year-old. He also liked the carrier and picked it out himself, though he was a butt about getting out of it every time, curling his legs and clinging to it like a spider monkey. I found that it didn’t take me long to get comfy, once I found the shoulder-ball trick, and so it was great for rainy parking lots, quick runs into pick up brothers, etc. I didn’t like it as much for longer rides. Sunny’s big enough that after a while, I start to lean to one side in a hip carry. I had to slide him over to my front, which was nice for cuddles, but which he didn’t appreciate quite so much.

He did stay asleep when transferred into this, so the simplicity of it topped a wrap’s.
At 89.99, this is a standard price for a ring sling. However, it’s a great price for a wrap conversion, so I’d put this in the budget category. It’s a lovely carrier that most people don’t know about, with a comfortable shoulder and a long use-life. If I were a ring sling girl, this would be my choice.