Chrysalis Shmetterling Review

website_use_Esther_Edith_Photographer_and_Doula_Lalu_Wovens_Schmetterling_10LaLu Wovens¬†contacted me to review one of their wraps, and ended up mailing me a mouthful: Chrysalis Shmetterling. That long German word means butterfly, so it’s fair to say that this gorgeous gray wrap is the crown of their Chrysalis line. She didn’t tell me much about it, but said I’d like it with my toddler, aged 2 1/2 and about 26 lbs. I’ve tried a lot of so-called toddler wraps that just ended up being thick beasts of fabric, so I held out some hope, but wasn’t jumping for joy.

Shmetterling came to me in loom state, so needed a good wash up before wearing. I tossed it in the washer on casual, and dried it on normal, because I think wraps should be able to take normal wear and tear of washing. Schmetterling didn’t disappoint. It went from a flat, dense thing to a fluffy cush of a wrap. Now I was excited to get my toddler up with it.

I normally wrap while doing my makeup, so Sunny went up in several double hammocks then. Oh, this wrap is lovely for a bigger kid. It’s got a touch of grip, with plenty of cush and lots and lots of stretch. I love wraps patterned on the diagonal; they always seem to have such lovely stretch. Sunny liked it too. I had plenty of cush on my shoulders, and when I had to tie under bum, it caught and held a good knot.

I didn’t just like it for double hammocks, however. I took all the kids to a homeschool gym time, and it was madness: lots of screaming, running children from two to eighteen. Sunny lasted for about twenty minutes before he started getting antsy. Then he got sad. Then he was weeping, and he kept weeping, even when I took him upstairs. I asked if he wanted to go up. “Uh-huh!” he said. “Front! Front!”

Well crap. Now I had to wrap a 26 pounder on my front. I’d had him in a kangaroo earlier, and other than some difficulty with the grip and the shoulder flip, had liked it. But this time I put him in a simple front wrap cross carry. It was so comfy. The stretch on these wraps is truly divine, and the grip holds the wrap in place. Sunny snuggled down and calmed down. He stayed up for over an hour. My shoulders felt great. My back, however, from bracing back 26 lbs …

I’m also biased about Lalu Wovens, since they’re based in Atlanta, and use local mamas to finish the fabric they get from a family-run textile mill. All the material is American-made. They seek to make heirloom wraps, hence the purchase price ($250 for a size 6). It’s worth it, however: both in material and in wearing.

Basically, let me break it down: I’ve worn and tested a shit ton of wraps. This is one of the best. Hands-down, no question, and I want one. Thanks to Teresa for letting me try one out, and see Manic Pixie Dream Mama on Facebook to win your own!