Vaquero Wovens: Cabana Under the Sun

varVaquero Wovens can’t seem to keep wraps in stock. That’s not surprising, since their fresh color combos and edgy patterns have mamas stalking release dates. Cabana Under the Sun was particularly HSA,  This unicorn rainbow retails for 105 bucks, which may make it the only budget HSA of all time.

Congratulations, Vaquero. You win the wrap world.

You don’t have to have big bucks to get a CUTS, which comes in yellow and blue wefts. You just have to have some patience and some fast fingers. That levels the playing field a good bit for mams who want HSA unicorn poop but can’t afford the big bucks. It’s great to see (again) an American company coming out with a budget line that’s as quality and as well-designed as its HE line. Mamas, Vaquero loves you.

sadadsaAnd after testing CUTS, I pretty much want to have Vaquero’s babies. Because this wrap is genius: it’s rainbow, and we all love rainbows (hence the perennial popularity of Girasol). It’s unicorn poop on a middle-class budget. And most amazing of all: someone made a budget twill.

Shut it down, y’all. Every other wrap company should be beating its head against a wall, because why the hell hasn’t anyone thought of this before? Twill’s perfect: super supportive for its weight, stretchy and forgiving for beginners, with the ability to give a tight, moldable carry. Everyone loves diamond weave Storchenwiege Leos and Girasols because of their support. But twill is arguably even more supportive than diamond weave. It has superior stretch and bounce.

Did I mention I’m obsessed with twill? And I’m not alone: the wrap world has come around to the twill love, with twill handwovens popular as big kid wraps. Twill, basically, is a type of fabric with a pattern of diagonal parallel ribs. The weft thread goes over one or more warp threads, under two or more warp thread, etc. The typical diagonal pattern comes from the offset between the rows that this creates.

Twill usually has great drape, stretch, and moldability. It also tends to have more shoulder cush than other weaves. So to make a beginner wrap, with a beginner price tag, in twill? Genius.

This, in a nutshell, is CUTS.

CUTS is medium-weight, at 270 gsm, and has that characteristic stretch and cush of twill. The rainbow pattern melds well with the weave (often a problem in complex weaves), and looks stellar wrapped. The strongest colors are in the middle: important to think about when weaving and wearing, because those are the ones that’ll show the most.

xassThis wraps perfectly for a beginner and advanced wrapper alike. The twill gives it a forgiving cush, and it’s stretchy enough to get a tight, moldable carry. This moldability makes it ideal for practicing new carries, and the cush can redeem a crappy wrap job. Unicorn poop for the win! I loved it with my 20lb Sunny, but found myself reaching for it with 30 lb Baby Bear and 35-40lb Dragontrainer as well. I got tight carries without pressure points, carries that lasted for long periods without slipping or digging. I’d use this in a short size without hesitation, especially as a ruck wrap for a medium-sized babe or smallish toddler.

I begged Tessa to buy this one, but it’s her personal wrap, so I have to mail it back. I have all the sadz over this.

This is thin enough to work well for a little squish, and supportive enough for a beast toddler. Truly, like a Storch Leo, this is a wrap that can do it all – without the same breaking-in time of other budget wraps. CUTS has the same quality I found in the more-expensive grad-stars.

I’ve been asked a lot lately about beginner wrap recommendations, and my only regret is that Vaquero can’t keep this in stock enough to make it a viable option for newbies. So get on that shiz, Tessa.

It’s twill. It’s beginner. It’s a rainbow of unicorn poop caliber. Someone hold me. For real, I’m in love with this baby, and I’ll be stalking the next release along with the rest of you. And here’s the prices, so save your pennies:

2 – $87

3 – $90

4 – $95

5 – $100

6 – $105

7 – $110

And unfortunately, I can’t win my own giveaway. You can, though. Check my Facebook page to win your own Cabana Under the Sun!

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