Daiesu Bougainvillea Review and Giveaway

photo (5)At first I saw one more striped wrap. There are a million of them out there, machine- and handwoven, in every different eye-searing color combination you can imagine. I like stripes. Really. But the saturation on the market has reduced my initial stripes reaction to bor-ing. Plus the Daiesu Bougainvillea reminded me somewhat, on first glance, of a circus tent. It also kind of felt like one.

But I had to wrap with it, so wrap with it I did.

I discovered several things. One, a wash and dry on spin cycle really fluffs and softens a Daiesu. Two, maybe those colors didn’t look so circus-tent at all. Maybe they looked sort of hip, with a seventies vibe that made them pretty au courant. And Daiesu hadn’t skimped – they sent me a size 6, which meant I could do all sorts of awesome carries for long periods of time (I’ve got a 2 year old by now!).

Then I wrapped with it. And holy rusted metal Batman, this thing feels good. You should go buy it now, photo (6)before everyone else does. I mean it. With the price tag like this – $100 on 5mr.com – you should definitely go get it. This is the beater wrap to beat all beater wraps. I could both tow my car and wrap my newborn in this thing.

Bougainvillea’s soft, with the promise of feeling downright pettable after some breaking in. It wraps with plenty of stretch, but medium-high grip, giving you the chance to get moldable carries that stick where you put them. It wraps with bounce, which helps give it the magical quality that truly makes this wrap great: it has enough cush to counteract any pressure points.

Now, when you put a 35 lb kid on your back, you’re going to feel some pressure. Ideally, you feel that pressure in your chest and your legs (in a double hammock), and somewhat in your shoulders. With a cushy wrap, that feels like a downward pushing. That’s exactly what Bougaiphoto (4)nvillea manages to accomplish. There are no pressure points, even with a sloppy wrap job, even after a thirty-minute hike. This thing could haul a tractor-trailer.

I loved this and would keep it as my own if I hadn’t pinkie-promised to do a giveaway. It’s a great wrap to keep in the car, drag in the mud, and keep as a no-fuss, no-mess beater – a beater that’s pretty and that gets soft. The weave won’t pull easily. The fabric won’t stain easily. This thing has it all.
I’d recommend it as a first and only wrap if you take the time to break it in before sticking your newborn in it, not that it’s super rough. I’d also recommend it as a lender to new wrappers. The grip means you have to work a bit to wrap it, but the cush will save a sloppy wrap job. But practiced wrappers will find something to love in this baby, which is way prettier wrapped than it is on the ground – and whose colors I really grew to love.