Daiesu Jigsaw Review

jigsawAt first, I wasn’t too sure about Daiesu Sling’s jigsaw pattern. I mean, it’s okay for

autism awareness. But was I going to look like The Enigma wearing it? So I girded my loins and asked for black and white, because I figured – well, how bad could it be?

Shockingly, pretty awesome.

This was my first surprise from Daiesu, a new company out of Malaysia and based on the name of the owner’s son, Daie, who has been a wrappee since he graduated from the NICU. Daiesu sources its fabric from India and uses only “organic cotton and materials safe for baby,” which is a nice way of saying they aren’t 100% organic, but do their best to eliminate toxins from their supply chain. In fact, Daiesu meets the rigorous Global Organic Textile Standard (which maintains a minimum of 70% organic materials, among other things), something very few wrap companies have managed to do.

yummiesThey sent me a 100% cotton size 4 to review. Everyone sends me size 4’s, probably because they don’t want to waste the fabric to send a reviewer a 6, which means I am very, very good now at doing carries that work with a base-2/base-1. I spent most of my time doing ruck variations, double hammocks tied at shoulder, and a stray kangaroo or half FWCC. So I got a good feel of how Jigsaw works in one or two layer carries, without a ton of wrap to disguise poor support. Sunny stayed up for anywhere from a few minutes to two hours at a time, including one long trip to the zoo.

I surprised myself, first, by finding the pattern rather classy and interesting.You can divide babywearers into two categories: those who see the carrier as a baby accessory, and those who see the carrier as an adult accessory. The former tends to gravitate towards cutesy designs like (at worst) Natibaby sock monkeys or unicorn Lisa Frank Explosion Rainbow. These mamas stress over wearing boys in pink wraps and feel guilty putting a penis-owner in a Girasol. The latter mamas don’t give llama fart: these are ones who see wraps as mama accessories, sort of like purses you put babies in, and who wear whatever they want, gender be damned. These women tend to match their wraps to their outfits. I count myself as one of the second category, and expected Jigsaw to fit into the first.

instpirerrI was surprised that Jigsaw fit into my aesthetic. Once wrapped, it wasn’t cutesy or kiddie; instead, the classic black and white gave it a much more sophisticated feel than I’d expected.

And it wrapped – well, I’d say. Jigsaw has a very solid feel on the shoulders, without easily creating pressure points. I did have to be careful placing to knot in shoulder tie-offs, because the solidness of the wrap had a tendency to create one of those arm-numbing, nerve-crushing knot-spots. But it wrapped with plenty of stretch, making it ideal for eking out that last bit of wrap necessary.The stretch didn’t come with more than an average amount of bounce.

Jigsaw was soft, but not kitten-belly, write-home-all-praise-the-unicorns soft, though it may get there with use. At a medium weight – 260gsm – ┬áit would work well for a toddler or infant (I would find it overwhelming for a newborn). I found it decent as a ruck under bum wrap for an entire Target trip, and everyone knows Target trips take a while with three kids in the middle of the afternoon. So I’d cautiously recommend it as a one-layer ruck wrap.

instbabeOverall, I really liked this wrap. It wrapped solid, it stayed put, with medium grip and very little slip. I liked the stretch, though someone who is turned off by ace-bandage stretch won’t dislike the wrap because of it. It carried my medium-size (25) toddler without digginess, and only gave us trouble with that ever-tricky shoulder-knot placement.

Jigsaw’s still in stock in certain colors and sizes. For a budget $103, plus $24 shipping, this is an amazing deal for a high-quality, attractive wrap that’s going to get better with wear. Its easy-care, no-fuss wash routine, plus an hard-to-pull weave, should make this a great favorite among beginning wrappers and those who don’t want to bother much with fancy fabrics or intricate wash routines.

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