Diva Milano is #sorrynotsorry

On Sunday, Diva Milano released a statement about the plagiarism controversy. It appeared on their Facebook page, where it’s garnered over 345 comments, most of them negative. It’s one of the most #sorrynotsorry statements I’ve seen from a wrap company and worth breaking down.

Dear all unhappy with our stripes collection! Your hatred level is really striking. This is really amazing to see this among parental community. We tried to avoid direct confrontation, removed insulting and spam comments to the posts (unrelated to the topic of the post) though everyone is welcome to write a message on a page (and they are not deleted). We ask for at least some politeness without insults.

What we would like to say to everyone whose hate to our brand does not allow to sleep well and keep writing to us:
(1) if you look in the sky when there is a rainbow, the color sequence is red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. If you put these colors in stripes and put a red weft, you will get our Cadere design; if you put a yellow weft, you will get our Cedro design. Same with other rainbows. Inevitably rainbow stripes will be similar. Nobody has a copyright for a rainbow sequence of colors.

(2) If you try to make a gradation in stripes on specific colors similar to dyed wraps (violet on one side, green on another for example), they will also look similar, just try to make them different! Nobody has a copyright for a gradation in stripes concept.

(3) All MyGirasol designs (Romantique, Ingenu, Ardent) belong to us as developed by one of our designers in the past. From now on we will prohibit using them in other productions. We did not do it from the beginning because designs are not identical and we considered ours as new designs, but because of this hate we have to do this.

(4) All our designs are not identical to any other brand releases, anyone interested can buy a wrap from us and compare both stripes distribution and color tints. We are ready to go to the court and prove that we did not copy anything.

All insulting and impolite comments to this post will be deleted. Hope for your understanding.

¬†First, those of us who disapprove of blatant plagiarism, at the expense of fairly paid, indigenous workers and a venerable wrap company: we’re haters. It’s amazing that we’re such haters because we’re presumably attachment parents, and supposed to be about peace and love and all that bullshit. even in the face of blatantly unethical behavior. They try to “avoid direct confrontation”, i.e. ignore dissent, and ask us not to be insulting. Because questioning business ethics has become “insulting” and confrontational.
We hate Diva Milano so much we can’t sleep at night. Personally, I blame that on my two-year-old, not a wrap company.
1) Rainbows are rainbows are rainbows and they all look the same, so STFU. DIva can make whatever rainbows they want, even if they look suspiciously identical to Girasols.
2) Gradations in stripes all look the same, just like rainbow. Even if they look just like Giras. I mean, look at the world of handwovens! They’re all identical! You are all dumbasses.
3) The designs Diva DID copy from Gira were owned by the Gira designer who now works for Diva. They still aren’t identical, but there are so many haters that they won’t use those patterns again. Our loss, because we’re haters.
4) JUST BUY A WRAP AND COMPARE THEM. Try it. You can take their ass to court, GIrasol. As for me. spending money on a Diva is at the top of my to-do list right now.
So Diva Milano does admit copying Girasol designs, except different. We are haters for noticing. We should buy their wraps.
Pretty much insulting, confrontational, and #sorrynotsorry.
Just like they categorize the comments on their page.