Glow2Go Self-Tanning Towelettes Review

steakedI was super psyched to get my Glow2Go Self-Tan Towelettes in the mail. I’m chronically pale and couldn’t wait to maybe not blind innocent passersby at the beach. Glow2Go comes in the form of tanner-saturated towelettes; you wipe then on, wait ten minutes, and go. I was sold.

That is, until I used them. Because the sheets are white, you can’t see what you’ve covered and what you haven’t. And contrary to what I thought, one towelette doesn’t do your whole body. It covers like, a leg. You’re looking at 5 or so towelettes to do your whole body, making this not a great deal at $16.99 for 20. I’m super pale, so I only had to use two applications to get my desired color. Some people are going to need a whole lot more.

Worse of all, contrary to the box, it streaked. There’s nothing worse than a streaked fake tan, which you have to wear around for at least a week and a half. I did myself twice and streaked both times, even after carefully following the directions.

I won’t be purchasing these – even for the heavily discounted price I got for reviewing them – and I don’t recommend them.

*** I received these at a heavily discounted price in exchange for review **