Hip Baby Review

Rainbows are in. Hip Baby Wraps are no exception to the rainbow trend, so when owner Jeannie asked what colorway I wanted her to send, you know what I asked for. It’s not your typical Lisa Frank bright wrap; Rainbow’s dark jewel tones contrast sharply to the eye-searing cheer we’ve been seeing lately.

All tuckered out.

All tuckered out.

I’ve reviewed Hip Baby before, and since the updated version has come out, Jeannie kindly sent me another to check out. I was excited: I liked the way it wrapped, and it comes in at $70 on amazon.com. Because they’re selling directly, she explained, they can afford to keep the prices low. A decent wrap for $70 – and one made by fair trade collectives in India? I couldn’t wait to get it on my doorstep.

I was especially glad because Hip Baby Wraps are super thin, only 118 gsm, and it’s getting up there in the 80s already. I wanted something thin to play around with, something breathable and comfortable for those mid-afternoon hikes. Rainbow fluffed up wonderfully in the wash, and felt much less flat afterwards.

I was impressed, first, by Rainbow’s stretch. Many thin wraps, like Ellaroo, offer solid support without any stretch. Hip Baby, on the other hand, has a medium amount of stretch, which gives the wrap some bounce and give. It’s unique on the market for that; there’s no other thin, airy  plain-weave wraps on the market right now with any sort of give.

hipbabyhikeThat stretch makes this an easy wrap to work with, despite its medium amount of grip (which I suspect will decrease as it’s used more). But the best part: the bounce gives it a cushier shoulder feel than any wrap this thin has a right to have. I had no digging issues with my 20lber on a one-hour hike; nor did I have to readjust my carries, even after Sunny became a limp sleeping bowling ball of weight.

hipbabtyI also liked it in a kangaroo carry: the stretch makes it easy to get a tight carry. This is a great wrap for a summer squish, and something that can take you up to about 25lbs. After that, I think the thinness would overwhelm the cush and bounce, leading to pressure points in the longterm.

This wrap only comes in one size, which is for the best, as it’s not going to shine as a ruck wrap of any sort. I wouldn’t want it, regularly, in a single-layer carry. But it’s a great choice for the hot summers: super breathable, with a good shoulder-feel. Sweaty newborns take note. New wrappers will be able to get this tight, since while it’s grippy, the stretch makes it moldable when you work with it.

I was really impressed with the comfort I got from a wrap this thin. I expect it to be a major contender for summer wrapping choices – and a great all-around budget option for mamas who don’t want to drop mucho cash on a pricey woven. The colorways are pretty, too: another big selling point right now, since no one wants to shell out for solids anymore.

I’d love to keep this one for summer hiking. But alas: it’s going to one of you. Enter to win this wrap below or on Facebook. Happy wearing!

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Posted by Manic Pixie Dream Mama on Thursday, April 9, 2015