I’m Smitten: Vena Cava Coracinus Review

contrastHoly smoosh.

I was thrilled to get the first release from the new company Smitten with Wovens, the hearts-patterned Vena Cava in the colorway Coracinus. It’s heart-patterned, and the name is cool: vena cava is the name of the veins near the hear, and coracinus means raven-black in Latin. This new company features wraps woven and finished exclusively in the USA, and each wrap comes with a book saved from a landfill. It’s exciting to see the beginnings of a new company, and even more exciting to see that a portion of the profits from each vena cava go to the charity Save a Child’s Heart. Right out of the gate, that’s some serious social consciousness on the part of Smitten.

And a size 6 vena cava sells for only $135, making it a fairly accessible wrap. It’s a medium-weight (235 gsm) wrap, and 100% cotton. Coracinus is black and ecru.

We’re winning all the way around, people, and we haven’t even gotten to the wrap part.

VCC was smooshy right out of the (biodegradable) packaging, but a wash and a dry made it smooshier still. 5 Minute Recess sent me a size 4, so I had a lot of chances to test its smoosh and cushiness in a variety of carries. I found myself mostly eking out a double hammock tied at shoulder, or under bum. I also used it in a ruck and a kangaroo.

drienneVCC has the grip you’d expect from a patterned wrap like this: somewhere around medium grip. It also has the diagonal stretch that comes from the angled pattern, which gives you some divine bounce. I didn’t have to wrestle it into place, but the grip gave it a medium amount of moldability. Most importantly, though, it felt cushy and smooshy on the shoulder: this is a memory-foam wrap. The DH-TAS knot didn’t dig in weird places; it sat cushy on my shoulders when tied under bum. I did find that once I placed the wrap, it stuck: a good thing for beginners, who may be prone to getting some sag in their carries.

As 5 Minute Recess says, this is the perfect wrap to go from newborn to toddler. It’s squishy and soft for a newborn, and the weight keeps it from becoming overwhelming for teensy-tiny legs. Our local group had babies pass out in it pretty quickly. It’s super soft and will only get better.

As for toddlers – this is a supportive wrap. We put big kids (30 lbs) up in it, and the width kept them pinned in, while the smoosh gave us a good shoulder feel. This would shine as a ruck wrap for medium-sized kids (up to about 25-30 lbs).

babyskinsMy only complaint? I feel this is a wrap for the baby, rather than the mama. I tend to prefer patterns that fit into my wardrobe, and VCC fit more into my baby’s. That’s fine for most mamas (see the success of Natibaby), but it’s not my thing. Which is unfortunate, because I adored the way it wrapped.

I’m looking forward to see what else comes from Smitten with Wovens. This is a socially conscious company with some great-feeling wraps. The makers have been wrapping for a long time and know what a good wrap job feels like, so I expect the hits to keep on coming.

Smitten with Wovens kindly donated VCC to my local BWI chapter after this review. So much love for these guys!

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