Leonisa Undie Review: Slimming Waist Cincher

Let’s get one thing straight from the get-go. Leonisa calls this a “slimming waist cincher.” Spanx claims to be “shapewear”, and those things Target sells call themselves “control-top”. But I’m calling it like I see it. My Target-brand, my Spanx, and my Leonisa? Granny would call them girdles.

This is so me.

This is so me.

Yes, they suck in the pudge rolls. Yes, they deliver a smoother outline under clothing. They feel good: like all the jiggly’s holding in. But this slimming waist cincher is, like its counterparts, grandma’s girdle.

Okay, this isn’t really granny’s girdle. I could have opted for a variety of slimming garments, but I picked the hardcore waist cincher. This isn’t your average shapewear. It has a bra-like three column hook for adjustability (though I found I could wear it on all sizes with little difference), side boning (yes, that’s what she said), and it’s actually a posture corrector. The three layers include a sweat-wicking material against the skin.

These are not your mama’s Spanx.

I went for more than a year wearing Spanx every single day (yes, in the heat of the summer; yes, I sweated; yes, I didn’t care because vanity) – so I like to think I know a little something about shapewear. Spanx holds you tight; this cincher holds you tighter, but since the top has extra width and give, it avoids the dreaded “check where my Spanx ends and my bra starts” back bump.

As a long-torso’d lady, I could have used a little more length. I found the cincher riding up my back and over my jeans, thus exposing a small amount of butt roll. I’ve nothing against fat – I once weighed 100 pounds more than I do now, and I believe in beauty at any size – but I’m not a fan of the puff that comes between two tight layers.

checkmybuttonsThe cincher is marginally warmer than Spanx or one-layer support garments, but a) it’s got three layers, and b) you don’t really care about that, anyway.

I got it to review. Will I wear it for real? Yes, I will. I like the way it fits, torso-length non-withstanding, and even thought it’s a bitch to hook – count ’em – 16 little teensy bra hooks up my front. Mostly, this cincher holds in those last bits of mummy tummy, in a good, huggy way, and keeps me standing up straight.

So I’ll say it loud and proud: I love my girdle.

So now you, too, want your own shapewear. Because this cincher may not be your thang, Leonisa has generously offered your choice of a cincher, a postpartum panty with belly wrap, or a maternity support panty, depending on where you are in your childbearing journey. Go over to Manic Pixie Dream Mama to enter! Winner will be chosen March 7.