Little Frog Bamboo Review and Giveaway

I had to steal this wrap from my co-VBE.

She’s nannying for a squish right now, and she happened to get the size 6 bamboo Little Frog before I did. It’s a rainbow, colorway Labradorite, 45% bamboo and 200 gsm. Pink-lover that she is, she just so happened to wash it before she gave it to me. And wear it. And then beg me not to take it to review.

I felt really, really bad taking Labradorite from her for 20 lb Sunny.

labradoriteHere’s why: Little Frog bamboo blends are the ultimate in squish wrapiness. You want a super-soft, cuddly wrap that won’t overwhelm your squishy newborn? This is the wrap you want. It comes out of one wash kitten-belly soft, and thin enough not to overwhelm teensy newborn legs. The bamboo gives it plenty of glide and slip, which means you can get a tight carry with plenty of support. It’s solid on the shoulders, with very little give, and will appeal to mamas who like linen but want something a tad smooshier – not that this has cush, because at 200 gsm, it’d be hard to.

Labradorite is not, however, your big kid wrap.

And let’s face it: I’m on the verge of big kid. Sunny is 20 lbs, right on the middle of big kid and baby, and while we liked this wrap for short outings, I won’t be hiking in it again for several reasons. I wish I had gotten this wrap to bring him home from the hospital – not for months and months afterwards.

First, you see a lot of bamboo/linen blends for a reason: bamboo has a solid feel on the shoulder. While it offers lots of glide and shine, it’s not high on the bounce factor. I tend to prefer wraps that have more bounce, because I feel like they’re more forgiving and give a better shoulder feel (warning: this is completely subjective, as in all things wrap-related). So the solid shoulders are a turn-off for me.

littlefrogSecond, bamboo wrinkles. Hemp, linen, and bamboo are all prone to what wrappers call “permacreases”, or permanent fold marks. Bamboo gets especially crease-y when it’s sweated in, so it’s not for the hot-natured.

While I could get a tight carry without very much sag (though I did get some), I couldn’t hike for two hours without readjusting the carry multiple times. This had more to do with pressure points than with anything else. It’s a thin wrap, and it would have to be especially extraordinary to get through two hours of trekking without some kind of readjustment with a bigger baby.

I’d prefer this wrap as a first wrap for a new mama, where it can go from a squish wrap to a beginner back carry – the glide will really help set carries into place. And the budget is right. A size 6 goes for $85, and prices drop in $5 increments after that. This wrap will shine for new mamas in lots of carries, from FWCC to kangaroo, and it’s a good wrap to learn on. It’s not something for seasoned trekkers, however, who want something to take them on a long hike with a bowling ball baby. I’d also recommend it as a long wrap; pressure points may bother new wrappers, especially in something like a ruck.

So I returned this wrap to my co-VBE, and she’s using it happily with 15 lb squishy baby F right now. I wish I could have loved this one longer, but it needed to be with someone who could fully appreciate it.

Posted by Manic Pixie Dream Mama on Wednesday, April 15, 2015