Love Those Yoga Pants

8090158353_6ef69071b9_oYoga pants have gotten a bad rap lately. People say they’re lazy. They’re the uniform of the can’t-care-less stay at home mom. They’re boring; they’re usually stained; they’re the equivalent of wearing pajamas in public. Basically, the Fashion Police need take action.

Step it on back.

Partly because you’re wearing yoga pants right now, and partly because yoga pants are awesome. Haters gonna hate all day long, but yoga pants are a necessary part of any mommy wardrobe. Whether you buy them at Target or Lululemon, you gotta love ‘em.


They’re hot.

When we were in college, what did we put on to go out? Tight black pants. What are most yoga pants? Tight black pants, AKA booty pants. Like those Friday night pants of yore, yoga pants show off your butt. The black is forgiving to bulges or bigness. They make your legs look longer, especially in boot-cut, which was also in fashion when we were in college. Yoga pants don’t make you look lazy. They make you look amazing – ask any dude.


They’re comfortable.

Yoga pants are the clothing equivalent of taking your bra off when you walk in the door. Whether you come home from a long day in heels, yoga pants are there for you. When you come home from a date night, yoga pants are there for you. When you come home from the playdate from hell and you need a glass of wine and possibly some valium, you change into yoga pants.  They’re cotton or cotton blend. They cling, but comfortably so. They don’t bag or get in your way; the fold-over doesn’t bother your belly. When you want to eat ice cream and watch Flowers in the Attic, your yoga pants are there.


They can be pajamas.

You can go straight from Flowers in the Attic into bed, because everyone sleeps in yoga pants. They’re the female pajama pant of the 21st century. They’re comfortable; they don’t bunch up; they’re soft. These characteristics practically guarantee you’ll sleep in them. Plus, boys like yoga pants (ask one), so if you have a partner, he or she is likely encouraging you to wear them to bed. The problems only come when you sleep in the same pair you decide to wear in public that day. That’s just lazy.


They can be pants.

Because theoretically, you can wear the same pair of pants to bed and to the grocery store. Few women admit it, but they don’t change their pants when they wake up. There’s no shame in using the same pants as pajamas and daywear as long as you change them in between; remember sweatpants? Yoga pants look just as good in public as they look in bed; their black hides a multitude of sins. Yoga pants are the casualwear of our mommyhood. Go to any playdate: half the women will be wearing black yoga pants. Sometimes all of them will be. That’s because yoga pants make your butt look good and require no effort.


They hide stains.

Small children exude stickiness of all kinds. Mommies are generally covered in a variety of stains, as their kids see them as a paper towels to wipe off all manner of gunk, and they reach at about knee level, sometimes thigh. It’s impossible to scrub raspberry jam off your jeans when you’re running late. But black yoga pants hide the raspberry jam. In fact, they hide pretty much everything; cleaning involves wiping away the goop and going about your day. This isn’t lazy. This is sound time management. Nor are yoga pants looking sloppy – you’ll look a lot sloppier with that raspberry jam all over your thigh.     

They forgive you.

Your yoga pants are always there for you. When you gain ten pounds, your jeans start to muffin top. But your yoga pants are stretchy – you could probably get the Hulk into those things. So when you eat too many cupcakes, you can still wear the same pair. There’s nothing wrong with gaining weight, but buying a new wardrobe can be a chore. Yoga pants are a pair of everyday, normal pants that are also your secret fat pants. You can love them all the more for that.  
Why do you love your yoga pants?

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