Mamamokum Tester Review and Golden Ticket

If the Mamamokum tester is anything, it’s cool. I was skeptical about asymmetrical wraps – i.e., wraps that don’t mirror each other at the middle marker. But that’s in right now, and I was surprised at how much I enjoyed the colorblocks of tan and woven gold on the tester. It didn’t look strange wrapped, either. Very au courant, from the design down to the color scheme with the touch of glitter (Venne Creafil).

The tester is an 8/2 all-cotton warp, a 100% mercerized Egyptian cotton 16/2 weft with the aforementioned glitter tail accents. It’s woven in 8 shaft point twill, another benefit: rather than doing a grad despite the twill, the grad has been woven to accentuate it, something most weavers ignore and which really adds to the beauty of the wrap. At 280 gsm, it’s a thicker medium wrap, and by now, really floppy and soft from so much love.

I was surprised, however, when I wrapped with it. I associate twill with plenty of bounce and stretch. This tester, on the other hand, had only a touch of stretch and very little bounce. I’d call it more solid than cushy on the shoulders – not that they were diggy – and more for the linen-lovers than mamas who go nuts for bounce. I had no pressure points after an hour or so of wrapping, and tried it with 20 lb Sunny in a multitude of positions, including kangaroo.

It tightened well – I wouldn’t call it exceptionally slippery, since I had to pull it into position, but once there, an ace-bandage carry was certainly possible with some wrestling. It was definitely on the grippier side of slip, and not as moldable as I had expected.

mamagradI was also surprised at how delicate this wrap was. I’ll have a pull to repair before mailing, and that just from my fingernail. Despite the pink, this isn’t a wrap that scream delicate, but I’d be wary around engagement rings and ornate bracelets.

This made a fantastic ruck wrap for my almost-toddler, despite my love of bounce and this wrap’s lack of it. I wouldn’t worry about pressure points until around 30 lbs, which would make this great for a toddler or a bowling ball baby. I liked it in this length (4.1 meters without tapers), and think it would shine as a newborn wrap because of the soft floppiness. The thickness wouldn’t overwhelm  tiny legs, either.

All in all, this is a fashion-forward wrap that works well for toddlers. I can’t wait to see what else comes off this loom (including the competition wrap!) For those of you similarly excited, there’s a chance to win a Golden Ticket from Mamamokum!