Mimi Wraps Review

IMAG0211I’ve always liked mei tais. I think they’re the perfect carrier for the casual wearer, and more than that, perfect for maybe-I’ll-be-carrying, not-so-quick-ups-and-downs. You can roll one up in a ball, stuff it in a bag, and take it hiking. Which is what we did with the Mimi Wraps mei tai.

I have two potential wrappees, ages 2 and 4. We had gone out on a lowcountry plantation to look for alligators and see the bird life. At first, of course, the baby ran with his brothers. But then we got to the raised path where we tend to see gators. He lost walking privileges, mostly so he didn’t lose walking ability. Permanently.

Mimi Wraps has a nice cup to the shoulder and almost stretchy straps, which help you get a tight and comfortable carry. You need to be careful to get that cup right, though – I got lazy and paid for it with an uncomfortable carry.

Later, perhaps inevitably, we got lost. The baby went up on Daddy’s shoulders before I could tell him I needed to wrap. But the four-year-old was more than willing to take on turn in the Mimi. He weighs about 35 lbs, but he’s rangy for that weight. The mei tai definitely didn’t hit him knee-to-knee. You wouldn’t really expect it to, as a carrier that starts at newborn; my two-year-old barely fit across.

IMAG0254However, my older son felt great. I hitched him nice and tight against my back, and he stayed up there for about half an hour (and several alligator sightings) without much digging or pulling. I would use it with him in this situation again; when you get to a certain point in cloth babywearing, you’re going to eventually get some dig and sag.

Overall, I liked this mei tai for a smaller baby, and as an emergency carrier for a bigger kid. The stretchy-hybrid straps set it apart, and it comes in a lot of cute patterns. The hood detaches as well, with little snaps that make it easy to get on and off. We had fun in this carrier, and it’s as good a mei tai as I’ve come across.

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