Thinking Outside the Box: Ovolo Fletching Brick


It tastes good, too.

At first, I didn’t know I’d gotten a wrap.

Kim at Ovolo Wraps – part of the Natural Baby Company, who makes GroVia diapers – had said the Fletching Brick tester would arrive that day, but I didn’t see the usual flat-rate priority box. And the postman had come; I knew because he’d dropped off some giant cardboard cylinder, like poster packing but bigger. For my husband’s classroom, I figured.

“I didn’t order anything,” he told me. He checked the package. “Um, this is your tester,” he said. “Did you like, not read the packaging?”

Clearly I had missed the GIANT OVOLO GRAPHIC printed on the side of the cylinder. I’m awesome like that. What a smart way to mail wraps: roll them around a cardboard tube and stick them in a giant tube. No fold lines! So pretty! Another surprise awaited when I opened the package;  a wooden teething ring hung from a string tied around the wrap.

Way to work the details, Ovolo. Well played.

Fletching Brick (100% cotton) came to me in loom state, so I had to wash it first. I read the directions: cold wash, no spin, hang dry. Damn it. Normally I spin dry and and stick new wraps in the dryer with a few dryer balls. But this one wasn’t mine, so I had to follow the directions.

No-spin suuuuuucks: wraps emerge waterlogged. And then hanging dry? Fletching brick is a fatty at 305 gsm. TWO DAYS LATER – no lie, we had to move the wrap to shower – I was finally ready to try it. The directions said I should iron to help it soften up, but I’m not that kind of girl, and if I had to wait til I had time to iron, that wrap would hang out in my dining room til Doomsday.

The feel in-hand surprised me. Hang-dry usually turns the softest fluff to burlap, but Fletching felt almost soft. I like texture on a wrap, and Fletching’s reminded me of an Ellevill jade’s: a pleasing feel without roughness or bumpiness. The pattern’s an attractive understatement, too – arrows, but without seeming overly representational. Classy, subtle, and edgy.

They’d sent me a 5. I wrapped it up and YUM. It reminded me of a textured Natural Hemp India. Thick, lots of stretch and bounce. It took some doing to move around – the texture and weight work against you – but once you place it, it stays put. Fletching gave plenty of lovely shoulder cush – solid cush, not memory-foam floof.


Post-boob coma. Cradle carries not recommended,.

I enjoyed it with my squish. The maker recommends it for older infants and toddlers, because of the weight. And yes, with a babe under maybe 12 lbs, the thickness would mean you’d forgo crosspasses or wrap legs-in. It’s wide, too. But it worked for 15 lb Sunny baby. The width gave me plenty of room to nurse.

But this wrap really shines with an older wrappee. I don’t recommend it as a tantrum wrap; you do need to set the passes, and you don’t need the toddler and the wrap fighting you at the same time. But it offers lots of shoulder cush and plenty of bouncy support. My passes didn’t slip out of place once I set them, and it didn’t sag, even with my preschooler.

The maker’s experience shows. Kim Ormsby is a longtime community member and mother to six, so it’s no shock that she’d get this right. She works with a small, family-owned American mill, and the wraps are finished at a working cattle ranch in Montana. So in case you need enabling: buying that Ovolo is your personal contribution to our economic stimulus. And like many new manufacturers, she’s chosen to sell on Etsy, which means no ridiculous carting issues or site crashes.

All in all, I really liked this. Lots and lots of support for an all-cotton wrap – it would make a great drag-through-the-mud beater if not for the light color. At 305 gsm, Fletching Brick is a beefcake. I wouldn’t wear it in a multi-layer carry in the heat; it would be a top choice for a summer toddler ruck wrap. If you’re into the thick trend – and looking for an all-cotton wrap that forgives a sloppy carry – this is a great one.

The only all-cotton with comparable support I’ve seen (and I’m a wrap slut, so I’ve seen a lot) is a Barbara’s Weave and Wear – it beats out Uppy, ETLA, Warped and Wonderful, and most other handwoven brands. This isn’t a shock. Kim says Ovolo intends to duplicate the feel of a high-support linen or hemp blend, but with all cotton. That sidesteps the perma-wrinkles that come with those blends.

Ovolo’s releasing several other Fletching colorways – jade and slate look particularly yum, but there’s yellow and purple in the works as well. They’ve shown pics of some other weaves. I’m excited to see what else comes from this new company. If it’s as supportive as Fletching Brick, Ovolo will quickly earn a secure place in every stash.


Knot shot with Sunny baby! From left: Didymos Natural Hemp India, Ovolo Fletching Brick, Tekhni Olympos Kingfisher.