Poe Spangled Review and Giveaway

spangledI’ve tried several tencel wraps now. I’ve found most of them diggy; though they were soft, they wore like linen and didn’t have anything you could call cush.

Then I tried Poe Woven’s Spangled with tencel. Spangled Glory is Poe’s first foray into tencel, an artificial fiber “more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk, and cooler than linen.” It’s the hottest new wrap additive, now that Tekhni opened the babywearing world up to artificial fibers with its repreve wraps.

tagretspangeld I assumed Spangled Glory had come to me super broken in, because it was so floppy in hand. In fact, that’s normal for the wrap; it hadn’t showed up at my door after being worn for six months. It was super-soft in hand: perfect for a newborn. It feels thicker than its 255 gsm, and has a lovely drape.

I was excited to put on, as a friend said, Murica. So I wrapped Sunny up for a day at the farmer’s market. It was much cooler than I’d expect a wrap of that weight to be, especially in a multi-layer carry. It wrapped easily: I’d call it slip/grip neutral. But it tightened delightfully for an ace-bandage carry that wasn’t going anywhere.

The tencel still meant it didn’t have any bounce. However, Spangled Glory is so fluffy that it gives plenty of shoulder cush. It’s marshmellow-y. I loved the thing.

This wrap carried my 25 lb baby great. It would have done well, I think, with my older sons as well, making this a great newborn to toddler wrap, especially for a military mama. My only complaint? The stripes vertically across the wrap, meaning that they look cockeyed when I wear them in a double hammock.

The blue and red sides of this wrap give it a very different look – it’s almost like having two wraps. Bonus.
Overall, I was impressed with Spangled Glory, and more impressed when I found out it was tencel. While it had the typical lack of tencel bounce, it didn’t wrap with the same sag you can get from linen, and a I felt fluff, not ropiness, on my shoulders. At $210 for a size 6, it falls on the medium end of the price spectrum, but if you’re looking for a great patriotic wrap, this is it.