Portico Twilight: Not Just a Pretty Face

Tekhni pile

It doesn’t take art to weave a comfortable thick wrap. A double hammocked bedspread won’t give you pressure points – though you’ll probably exhaust yourself wrestling with it. Put simply, thick wraps forgive sloppy wrapping. And that makes mamas rave about how totally amazeballs their eight-million gsm wrap feels. OMG, y’all, I put my eight-year-old in a ruck for ten hours and it felt like wearing nothing! Soooo cushy and amazing! You should all go buy this bedspread!

I recommend the Martha Stewart K-Mart line.

Seriously, though: the true test of a company isn’t its ability to churn on out thick comfy wraps. It’s the thinner wraps that tell the most about its staying power. Sure, that 300 gsm fatty might rock your socks and tote your preschooler. But what about the 260 gsm?

That’s about the weight of Tekhni’s Portico Twilight (255 gsm), a limited edition colorway of their signature weave (the Tekhni standard line includes Portico Heaven and Portico Earth). Facebook’s agog about it, because Facebook loves purple, and Tekhni owner Alisa claimed the colorway almost shined. Shine? Hmmmm.

Except she was right.

Portico Twilight is a perfect not-quite-lavender, not-too-deep, lovely flattering shade of purple. That right color’s hard to come by; it reminded me a bit of the old Didy lavender waves (super HTF). And I don’t know if it’s the mix of mercerized and unmercerized cotton, but it really does shimmer. So one more only-Tekhni-makes-this-perfect-shade wrap. Alisa knows her colors.

Simon in Portico Twilight

Yeah, it’s pretty. But lots of things in this world are pretty. I’d heard the portico weave compared to Storchenweige’s beloved Leo line, so I was excited to try it. Leos are almost universally adored for their unique combination of stretch, bounce, and cush – you could wrap Bigfoot in the bordeaux I stupidly sold. They wrap well, they look good, and they can be used as a towrope in emergencies. Basically, Leos are a close contender for the One Wrap to Rule Them All.

I sort of see the comparison. Both Leo and Twilight are very dense wraps. Twilight’s listed weight surprised me; it wraps and knots much thinner than 255 gsm. Twilight bounces less than a Leo – I would say it’s more solid that bouncy. But it shared that same shoulder feel: not memory foam cush, but solid without ropeiness or digging. No pressure points.

Like Leo too, Twlight has the potential to be a drag-through-the-mud, wipe-off-the-sand beater. This weave isn’t pulling, and this color won’t show stains. If you’re hard on your wraps (and I’m not saying I am, but um, yeah …), this is a good choice. Twilight can take your abuse.

But the main difference comes in the grip. I’ve had brand-new Leos before, and while they’re grippy, they aren’t a portico. Twilight has grip. Lots and lots of and lots of grip. This is a single-knot wrap, ladies, and the passes stick fast. You need to tighten strand-by-strand, and when you do, Twilight isn’t going anywhere.

And like most Tekhni, it’s beastly BNIB. This one needs a date with your dryer balls. The more you wear it, the softer it gets – it’ll break in like butter for mamas who give it the time. I promise it’ll go from standing on end to newborn-worthy with time. Seriously.

And speaking of newborn, the grip makes this nice to nurse in. I don’t worry as much about my carry slipping as I adjust. This wrap does not move unless you make it.

Twilight on the far right.

Overall, I really liked Portico Twilight. It’s the kind of thing I’d take hiking but still look good in. The color really is amazing. If you like solid grip, it’s for you. If you need a lot of slip to set your passes, keep looking – you need to move this wrap around. But it works for bigger babes, and squishes as well once it’s broken in. Lucky mamas who make it to MommyCon will have a chance to try and buy. Good luck to the rest of you. This colorway is gonna go fast, especially once people realize it’s not just a pretty face.

I have gotten through this whole thing without a vampire joke. I win an award for my self-restraint. But it does sort of shimmer, and it’s pretty. It’ll always be there for you. It’s solid. But it’s not borderline abusive or creepily obsessive, so I officially recommend this wrap above Edward Cullen.

I sort of had to do that.


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