Unique Ways to Celebrate Father’s Day This June

We’re passed the one month countdown to Father’s Day, and June 19th will arrive in the blink of an eye. If you’re getting ready to celebrate a special dad, these unique ideas will make sure he feels the love on a day dedicated to him. Whether you’re helping your kids come up with fun ways to show Daddy their love, or you’re wanting to show your utmost gratitude to the father of your children, these ideas are sure to do the trick, no matter what his personality and interests are.

A Special Trip

Sometimes we just need to get away, and if it’s been a long time since the special dad has gotten out of town, perhaps now is the time. Plan a special vacation for the family. If you’re working on a tight budget, it could be something as simple as a camping trip in a nearby national park. Perhaps Dad and Mom need a night away to reconnect; if that’s the case, a luxury hotel in a neighboring city could be just the type of break he needs from real life. Think of the dad in question’s favorite places to visit.

A One of a Kind Gift

Don’t fall into the pattern of getting a special guy a less than special present. Skip the golf tees, and think of something original that he doesn’t already have. It could be something practical that you make special with a custom touch, like the Father’s Day gift ideas from Gifts.com. Perhaps your dad is a style guru who always seems to sport a pocket square; he’ll be bowled over by a custom ascot made on BeauTiesltd.com. You can even send in a certain pattern or piece of fabric and get it converted to the necktie or bow tie of a wonderful dad’s dreams.

An In-Home Massage

Some guys don’t really relish the idea of heading to a spa, but every guy could do with a muscle relaxing massage every once in a while. Whether your dad or husband carries his stress in his shoulders or has aches and pains because of his many hours spent pumping iron at the gym, a massage is the perfect way to help him relax and feel great on Father’s Day. Instead of sending him to a masseuse, bring the masseuse to him with in-home massage service Zeel. A licensed massage professional will show up at your house and perform the treatments of your choice. Think of it as the Uber of the massage industry.

A Movie Day

Dad probably usually has to forgo seeing his favorite action thriller movies in the theater in favor of the latest animated release. This year for Father’s Day, make his silver screen dreams come true by heading to a screening of the latest action flick that he’s sure to love. If you want to really do it up, take him to one of the fancy new theaters like Cinepolis that serve wine and beer and food, all from the comfort of a recliner. If only all movie theaters were this way!

A Mini Dad

If your dad appreciate humor gifts, you can’t go wrong with buying him his very own mini-me. Companies like Bobbleheads.com allow you to send in a custom picture. Once they’ve received it, you can select from different body shape and size options, commission a master artist to sculpt the bobblehead to your exact specifications, and have it shipped right to your front door. It’ll definitely be a memorable gift and likely be displayed in one of his favorite spots in the house, much to the amusement of any future guests.

A Night of Comedy

Is your dad a jokester, constantly looking for ways to make your family laugh? Return the favor this Father’s Day with tickets to an upcoming comedy show where he can get his giggles on (even if he’ll never admit to giggling). It could be that day or in a few weeks’ time; either way, he’ll have a great time laughing his head off at hilarious comedians.

Make sure Father’s Day is a wonderful occasion this year and incorporate these unique ideas into your celebration planning.


This post was written by Hank McKinsey: When my wife and I purchased our home in the Spring of 2013, I became a stay-at-home-dad to our two wonderful and wacky Malteses – Digit and Poppy.  Hailing from Western Pennsylvania and currently residing in Central California, my hobbies include golf, tennis, jazz music, and eating.  While journalism was my college minor, crafting and DIY have always been my creative outlets.