Wrapsody DuO Review

Screenshot 2016-08-02 at 4.36.47 PMI was lucky enough to get my hands on not one, but TWO Wrapsody DuO wraps this summer. Made of lightweight swimsuit material, this wrap is meant for both small babies and, primarily, for use in the water. I have a 2 1/2 year old (25 lbs) who’s terrified of the water, so we were glad to have the DuO around in the pool and the lake. Sunny was much less frightened of the water in a wrap than he was on his own, and we were able to get in the lake and play with his brothers. It’s invaluable for that reason alone; otherwise, Sunny would have just sat in the sand and played with his dinosaurs. The lightness of the wrap also made it nice and cool while I was wearing it.

It’s no surprise Kristin and her gang got this wrap right. The makers of both Wrapsody and Bali Breeze, Kristin has been a longtime member of the babywearing community, a supporter of many charitable causes, and CEO of a venerated company that has been in business for longer than most of the community has been married. There are very, very few water wraps on the market, and this one hits the perfect spot.

Screenshot 2016-08-02 at 4.37.21 PMThe DuO supported Sunny great in the water. I didn’t feel any pressure points or sagging when we were swimming (metaphorically. Do not actually swim in this wrap). However, when we got out, he didn’t feel so great: pressure points and sagging abounded, plus its slipperiness made it difficult to keep a good carry. That’s no shock and nothing against the wrap. Out of the water, this is a wrap for small babies. You’re not meant to carry your beast toddler in it, and it’s not for back carries. However, this is a wonderful carrier for people who want help getting their toddler in the water.

All in all, I liked the DuO. I’d continue to use it in the water if I was going to keep one. Sunny liked it as well, and asked for his “water wrap.” You can’t get a higher recommendation.


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