Zaffre Sand Tourbillon Review

It’s no secret that Firespiral’s new Alchemy collection is another line to watch. So when they sent me a zaffre sand tourbillon (doesn’t FiSpi have the best names?!), I was excited to give it a test run.

Jen and Tamsin sent me a 4, which is the new size 3, since apparently Didymos used to pad wrap lengths or something and everything seems to wrap shorter these days. Basically, I spent my time with ZST doing a shepherd’s carry, ruck variations, and a kangaroo. I wasn’t super excited at first. Because a) Sunny seat pops, and b) rucks get boring after a while.

Except ZST is so freaking gorgeous I didn’t care once I opened the bag. It’s one of the few FiSpis woven with two different colors close together – yes, it’s a triweave, but there are a lot of those. This is a subtle triweave, and those two blues together makes the color pop. I don’t know why they bothered making the white side the right side. No one with any sense is going to wear it that way.

This is typical unicorn poop FiSpi: the cotton has the same soft cush; the fabric has the same drape and handfeel as their unicorn poop wraps. ZST did only have one middle marker. So this is a true FiSpi, not some cheap fake-unicorn-fur knockoff.

And, shockingly, this quickly became my favorite ruck wrap. Not just any ruck wrap, mind you: ruck tied under bum, which is the trickiest and most fidgety of all ruck carries. It demands a cushy wrap that tightens easily, yet stays put, glides nicely into a knot, and offer plenty of bounce and cush on the shoulders. ZST did just that.

In fact, I found myself grabbing for ZST in wet parking lots, times when I normally would never use a tester, because it’s so great in a ruck.

Longterm? Well, after forty-five minutes of sleeping baby in Target, it started to dig a little bit with 25 lb Sunny. I didn’t like it as much in a RTUB with Baby Bear (30 lbs), who got diggy much more quickly. So I switched to a candy cane chest belt and solved the problem.

And wow, is it comfortable – it stands up to any other FiSpi out there. At 240 g^m, it’s technically a medium-weight wrap, though I felt like it wrapped thicker. Perfect for year-round in the UK, though us Americans may need something a bit lighter when the heat of the summer rolls around.

goodfispiThe super softness right out of the box makes this a perfect squish wrap, especially for a winter squish, so buy one now if you’re set to pop either any day now or sometime in the fall. It’s possible to use as The One Wrap as well (newborn to toddler), and would absolutely shine as a long wrap.

I also want this as a scarf. I really, really, really want this as a scarf. Are you listening, Jen and Tamsin? ZST is a great special occasion wrap and looks great with blue-eyed babes (and gingers).

Overall? I want one. I’m impressed at the quality of this and glad to see it’s now available from Wrap Baby Boutique in the US, where it retails for $190 for a size 7. That’s over $100 less than a regular line FiSpi. And for the awesome ruckability, it’s worth every penny.

Of course, now you want a zaffre sand tourbillon. No worries – I’ve teamed up with FiSpi and Wrap Baby Boutique to give away this one! See Manic Pixie Dream Mama on Facebook for details!